Itzchak Tarkay

Itzchak Tarkay - Park West Gallery

Title Lady in Red
Serigraph in color on wove paper
37 1/4” X 45 3/4”

In Lady in Red, the artist has applied what looks like a layer of varnish to portions of his image, giving a dark, glossy and painterly look to these sections. These touches can be seen, for example, in the red flower on the sitter's skirt. The "varnish" even appears to be dripping from the bottom of the dress and streaking down toward the foot of the print.

Tarkay has given us the sense that his black line drawing is the result of quick, deft strokes of his loaded paint brush. This can be seen, for example in the drawing on the ruffs on the sitter's sleeves. On her left arm, the artist has given us a highly raised line of light blue, rather than black paint. In contrast to this thick rich line, some of the black drawing that rings the sitter's bodice is dry and broken, giving the impression that his "paint brush" is not so loaded with oil and is instead somewhat dry.